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Introducing Hayes Illustrated LLC

Thanks for coming by the little shop that cards built! Making the vision a reality has been a painstakingly slow process but here we are, happily, despite all the fits and starts.

Not surprisingly, correspondence played a big role in the formation of this 24/7 store. I have lots of people to thank for their time, assistance and support -- from the numerous retailers who agreed to look at my prototypes to the greeting card reps who assured me they were salable. 

I wrote thank you notes to each and every one of them because I was grateful for their consideration and also because I love writing and sending cards -- although I don't do it as often as I'd like. 

Thank you notes are a way to stand out and be remembered. Plus, everyone loves receiving a heart-felt missive in the mail. Don't you? When was the last time you sent somebody a card, just to say hello? 

When I receive a card or letter in the mail I'm always ecstatic! It's truly a gift when somebody takes the time to send a lasting and tangible token of their affection. Electronic mail, texting and social media all have their place but, given a choice, I prefer a less fleeting, more personal expression of friendship and I love reading my correspondence again and again -- and I save quite a bit of it. 

So, send that thank you note -- even if a lot of time has passed -- and write a message on that funny card and send it to a friend or family member for no particular reason. I promise you that people will appreciate your efforts and thank you for thinking of them.